Who is moon?

Moon, a.k.a. Christopher Cohron, is a programmer with a passion. Since the age of ten, with his first computer (an Apple IIe) and his first book about programming (Techniques for Creating Golden Delicious Games for the Apple Computer) in hand, he has been writting innovative and clever games and programs. With no formal education and armed with only the dedication to learn, moon has come from humble beginings as a BASIC programmer to become a full-stack developer.

Moon is also a Marine Corps combat veteran, having served five years of active duty and deployed to the Iraq War. This sharpened his abilities to lead teams in taking action to complete missions through use of planning, critical problem solving, and job delegation skills. Also during his time in service, he earned the Korean Deffense Medal while breaking language barriers to teach ROK Marines tactics for combat operations in urban environments.

What has he done?

A little bit of everything. There's nothing he can't do, eventually. When faced with the challenge of proving his technical skills and knowledge without a degree, moon was able to not only make a website but he set up a personal Linux server, obtained signed SSL certificates, while using up-to-date security practices, to host his website and all his other web based projects.

He's also dabbles in mobile apps and game developement. He's currently working on a multiplayer web based game called IWO (you must be a member of Terraluna.Pro in order to play while it's in developement).

Web Design

Terraluna.Pro Thumbnail

A social community for adult P.C. gamers. Started in May, 2017.

What's Poppin! Thumbnail

An app designed to help people find local events and hotspots. Still a work in progress.

Asteroids.Pro Thumbnail

A multiplayer game inspired by the classic Asteroids game. Built to run on mobile devices and desktop browsers. Still in early alpha.



Responsive Web Design Certificate

How can I contact him?

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